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Abstract INC.

Is a sextet playing the music of guitarist Machiel HeremansThe music of Abstract INC. is pointing out other ways of using two saxophone players. By employing contrapunt or having them as accompanist the sextet creates an original sound, although they have a common jazz line-up.

This together with rich colors, guitar effects and expressive dynamics gives you storytelling music with a rough edgeIn October 2020 they released their nameless debut EP in collaboration with the Dutch label ZenneZ Records.

Machiel Heremans – Guitar, composition

Abel Jednak – Alto saxophone

Joos Vandueren – Tenor saxophone

Leonard Steigerwald – Piano, keys

Otto Kint – Double Bass

Daniel Jonkers - Drums

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Abstract INC. anke

Teddy's Brain Drain

Exists on the edge between innocent almost naive melodies and dark puzzling atmospheres. The trio uses songs as a vessel to build a bigger tale, and at the same time, lets every musician explore an own narrative. Expect to hear bulky grooves, suspenseful themes and everything in between.

Their debut EP will be released in spring 2023.

Machiel Heremans – Guitar, Composition

Federico Stocchi – Double Bass

Gaspard Sicx – Drums

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Teddy's Anker
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No Wasabi

Machiel Heremans and Rebekka Van Bockstal, also No Wasabi, is an experimental guitar duo that takes the listeners on a musical trip with loops, echoes and other effects. The two guitar players met each other at the conservator of Brussels were they found out a shared passion for composing, effects, free improvisation and sound. These elements are also main aspects in the music of No Wasabi.

The first album (‘No Wasabi’) of No Wasabi is a powerful but

intimate story in which echo plays an important part because of the album was recorded in a church.

The combination of improvised sketches and composed

music blends into a fresh creativity in which different

boundaries are explored.

"No Wasabi" was recorded and mixed by Stef Lenaerts

and mastered by Gert Van Hoof (Cochlea mastering).

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Is an experimental duo by belgian guitarist Machiel Heremans and german saxophonist Jon Sensmeier. They share a path of exploring electronics as extensions to the nature of their instruments. Their songs are spontaneous emersions, patiently unfolded, disentagled and eventually blowing up, flying, flowing, collapsing or drowning into darkness.

Machiel Heremans – guitar, effects

Jon Sensmeier – saxophone, live electronics

No Wasabi Anker
Anker 3
BIC Logo.jpg

BIC (Brussels Impro Collective)

Is a collective founded by musicians around the concept of free improvisation.

Within free improvisation we look for structures and shapes that have the same quality as any other performance, with the only difference that it has been established by spontaneous creation. This is a skill that all the members of the collective have been developing even before the foundation of BIC.

Brussel Impro Collective developed from the improvisation class of Kris Defoort at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (KCB). Defoort lead us to become an independent collective and taught us a method of ‘Instantaneous and collective composing’. In one word: Improvising.

In the course of the years we have been leading different impro sessions and workshops.

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